Accepted Papers

  • Attribute-Based Encryption as a Service for Access Control in Large-Scale Organizations
    (Johannes Blömer, Peter Günther, Volker Krummel and Nils Löken)
  • Bounding the cache-side-channel leakage of lattice-based signature schemes using program semantics
    (Nina Bindel, Johannes Buchmann, Juliane Krämer, Heiko Mantel, Johannes Schickel and Alexandra Weber)
  • Deception in Information Security: Legal Considerations in the Context of German and European Law
    (Daniel Fraunholz, Christoph Lipps, Marc Zimmermann, Simon Duque Anton, Johannes Karl Martin Müller and Hans Dieter Schotten)
  • Ethereum: state of knowledge and research perspectives
    (Sergei Tikhomirov)
  • Extinguishing Ransomware – a Hybrid Approach to Android Ransomware Detection (Alberto Ferrante, Miroslaw Malek, Fabio Martinelli, Francesco Mercaldo and Jelena Milosevic)
  • Formal Analysis of Combinations of Secure Protocols
    (Elliott Blot, Jannik Dreier and Pascal Lafourcade)
  • Formal Analysis of the Fido 1.x Protocol
    (Florentin Rochet, Olivier Pereira and Cyrille Wiedling)
  • Generation of Applicative Attacks Scenarios Against Industrial Systems
    (Maxime Puys, Marie-Laure Potet and Abdelaziz Khaled)
  • HuMa: A multi-layer framework for threat analysis in a heterogeneous log environment
    (Julio Navarro, Véronique Legrand, Sofiane Lagraa, Jérôme François, Abdelkader Lahmadi, Giulia De Santis, Olivier Festor, Nadira Lammari, Fayçal Hamdi, Aline Deruyver, Quentin Goux, Morgan Allard and Pierre Parrend)
  • More Lightweight, yet Stronger 802.15.4 Security through an Intra-Layer Optimization
    (Konrad-Felix Krentz, Christoph Meinel and Hendrik Graupner)
  • Multi-level models, partial orders and directed graphs in access control for secrecy and privacy
    (Luigi Logrippo)
  • ObliviousDB: Practical and Efficient Searchable Encryption with Controllable Leakage
    (Shujie Cui, Muhammad Rizwan Asghar, Steven Galbraith and Giovanni Russello)
  • Privacy-preserving Equality Test towards Big Data
    (Tushar Kanti Saha and Takeshi Koshiba)
  • Relationship-Based Access Control for Resharing in Decentralized Online Social Networks
    (Richard Gay, Jinwei Hu, Heiko Mantel and Sogol Mazaheri)
  • SATYA: Defending against Adversarial Attacks using Statistical Hypothesis Testing (BEST PAPER)
    (Sunny Raj, Sumit Kumar Jha, Laura Pullum and Arvind Ramanathan)
  • Secure Protocol of ABAC Certicates Revocation and Delegation
    (Alexey Rabin and Ehud Gudes)
  • Towards the Design of Verifiable Decentralized Reputation System for the Online Marketplaces
    (Muhammad Ajmal Azad, Samiran Bag and Feng Hao)
  • Weighted Factors for Evaluating Anonymity
    (Khalid Shahbar and A. Nur Zincir-Heywood)
  • Attack Graph-based Countermeasure Selection using a Stateful Return on Investment Metric
    (Gustavo Gonzalez-Granadillo, Elena Doynikova, Igor Kotenko and Joaquin Garcia-Alfaro)
  • A Roadmap for High Assurance Cryptography
    (Harry Halpin and Peter Schwabe)
  • Monitoring of Security Properties Using BeepBeep
    (Mohamed Racem Boussaha, Raphael Khoury and Sylvain Hallé)